February 20, 2019

San Diego Green New Deal

We Need A San Diego Green New Deal

This year’s Climate Action Plan Report Card revealed sobering news: Our region is not on track to meet climate targets that represent the minimum action needed to secure a safe and livable future. Furthermore, recent climate science reports, including the landmark United Nations IPCC Report, Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees Celsius, say we need to go beyond what local and state laws commit us to — we need a plan to reach net-zero emissions. 
From this news, we concluded that we must think bigger and bolder. We must come together to determine a path to a San Diego region that is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous.
Similar to the national Green New Deal Resolution, this initiative would model how to create catalytic change here in our own backyard through investments in infrastructure and industry to fight the climate crisis, center front-line communities, and build a just society with an economy works for all.
Please join us and other partners from the community for the three-day San Diego Green New Deal Community Planning Process to help shape what this plan will look like and how we can make it a reality.
To read the results of our first San Diego Green New Deal Community Planning Session on June 29, where we worked to outline a shared vision and guiding pillars, click here.  

To RSVP for the San Diego Community Planning Process, please fill out the form below:

    In session 3, we'll finish up where we left off on "strategies" and then work together to create a work plan.


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