City of San Diego- Climate Action Plan – Overview


Victory! In December 2015, after 5 years of blood, sweat, and tears, we made history by making San Diego the largest city in the U.S. to go 100% Clean Energy. Even better, it was a unanimous vote of the City Council.

We took the good-faith pledge made in Paris and turned it into a legal commitment. San Diego has now crafted a roadmap for cities to replicate all over the world.100Renewables_Cropped

San Diego’s groundbreaking Climate Action Plan  is a legally-binding commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2035, using four major strategies (it’s the complete vision of our Four Fights!):

  • 100% clean energy;
  • 50% of commutes in urban areas via transit, walking, and biking;
  • 35% tree coverage throughout the city;
  • 90% waste reduction (Zero Waste by 2040)

Check out this great video explanation of the plan’s details:

Plus, re-live the day of the victorious vote with Climate Action Campaign and allies in action: 

Our Executive Director, Nicole Capretz, was a leading driver of keeping the Climate Action Plan on track—first as Chair of the City’s Economic and Environmental Sustainability Task Force (EESTF), then working for Interim Mayor Todd Gloria, and now as Climate Action Campaign’s Executive Director. Climate Action Campaign’s Kayla Race was also on the Task Force 2013-2015.

Climate Action Campaign was instrumental in pushing this plan forward and garnering public support. We made 75 presentations in the community about the plan and are responsible for getting 44 letters of support from community planning groups, business districts, and other public organizations.

Next comes the real fight– turning this plan into real action! 

Implementing the CAP – Update May 2016

Nicole Capretz was appointed to the City’s Climate Plan Implementation Committee in early 2016.

An implementation plan from the City was released in spring 2016, as well as a $130M proposed budget for CAP Implementation and Climate Resiliency, and a Community Plan Update checklist to be used as tool for Community Planning groups, property owners and city staff to help make sure CAP goals are being supported.

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Check out this video from the City of San Diego on it’s Climate Action Plan progress:

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