Scientific American (4/7/16): Can Republicans Act on Climate Change?

April 7, 2016 – Scientific American – Can Republicans Act on Climate Change? San Diego mayor shows how there can be bipartisan consensus to move away from fossil fuels

Anne Mulkern interviews Nicole Capretz on San Diego’s Climate Action Plan.

ScientificAmericanCAParticle_04-07-16Nicole Capretz, executive director of the Climate Action Campaign, a nonprofit that she said is “watchdogging” the plan said San Diego’s blueprint is a legally binding document, meaning the city could be sued for failing to meet the targets. The strategies in the plan and their resulting cut to greenhouse gas emissions have all been carefully calculated, she said.

“While I think it’s extraordinary he’s taking the bold action he did, he’s from a beach community where our cliffs are eroding, where our beaches are getting smaller because the water’s coming up,” Capretz said. “We’re in a drought, and we’ve experienced unprecedented heat waves. It’s hard to ignore that.”

Capretz added that “the one area where [Faulconer] will be facing accountability is in implementing the plan. He’s not given a free ride just for passing the plan.”

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