Faulconer Will Vote No On SANDAG Tax Increase Measure

Faulconer_2015podium_240x150April 27, 2016 – KPBS – Environmental leaders pressured San Diego’s mayor to withhold support.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer will vote Friday against a SANDAG ballot measure to raise the sales tax by 0.5 percent across San Diego County to fund transportation projects, his office confirmed on Wednesday.

Environmental leaders have pressured Faulconer to withhold his support because they say SANDAG’s spending plan favors highways and roads over public transportation, which prevents the city from reaching the goals laid out in the city’s Climate Action Plan passed last year.

Nicole Capretz, head of the environmental advocacy group Climate Action Campaign, worked with Faulconer to get the plan passed and is involved in drafting a strategy that lays out how the city will achieve the Climate Action Plan’s goals.

Capretz said on Wednesday the mayor intended to hold a news conference this week to announce the implementation plan and wanted her to attend the event. She said she told the mayor’s office she wouldn’t unless she had Faulconer’s promise to vote against the SANDAG ballot measure.

“I said, ‘Here are the conditions for that happening,'” Capretz said. If Faulconer didn’t meet those conditions, “Then I would be saying on the record that he’s not fulfilling his obligation to implement the Climate Action Plan, that I would not stand with him, that I would say on the record that he’s not doing enough, because it’s that important.”

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