Mayor Faulconer has missed 84 percent of SANDAG Meetings

SANDAG Faulconer badge_240x150May 5, 2016 – KPBS – Andrew Bowen reports

One critical meeting Faulconer missed was on Oct. 9, when the SANDAG board approved the 35-year regional transportation plan. Many environmental activists rejected the plan as giving too much money to highways and not enough to public transit and projects to encourage biking and walking.

Nicole Capretz, executive director of the Climate Action Campaign, said she was pleased Faulconer voted last week to block the sales tax increase. She acknowledged, however, the mayor could have pushed for more public transit funding if he had attended more SANDAG board meetings.

“This is something we’ve been saying to the mayor’s office for months now, that he is a regional leader and he has a regional voice that can make a positive impact in moving us in the right direction,” Capretz said. “Obviously that hasn’t worked thus far. But better late than never is the way we see it.”

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