Del Mar – 100% Clean Energy CAP Adopted

Del Mar adopted a 100% Clean Energy Climate Action Plan on June 6, 2016 with unanimous, bipartisan approval, after years of input from the City’s Sustainability Advisory Boardthe public, and other stakeholders like Climate Action Campaign. 

Del Mar’s plan further positions the San Diego region as a national trailblazer on climate action. Del Mar is the second city in San Diego County to unanimously adopt a Climate Action Plan that commits to cut carbon emission in half, achieve 100% clean energy and explore a Community Choice Energy program, following lead of the City of San Diego, which adopted a similar plan in December 2015 and is the largest city in the U.S. to make such a commitment.

Del Mar, a coastal city, faces the unique risks of crumbling cliffs, permanent loss of beach areas and private homes, impacts to emergency and basic city services and potential loss of the Del Mar Fairgrounds as a result of major flooding due to rising sea levels. The City’s Climate Action Plan aims to reduce the causes and impacts of climate change by committing to the following by 2035:
● Cut citywide greenhouse gas emissions in half
● Power 100% of Del Mar with clean energy and explore Community Choice Energy
● Achieve 8% of commutes by mass transit and 10% by walking
● Double the miles of bike lanes (to 2.1 miles of bike lane per square mile)
● Use electric vehicles for 30% of vehicle miles travelled
● Triple the tree canopy to cover 30% of Del Mar

Del Mar’s climate plan goes beyond California state law that mandates utility companies use 50% clean energy by the 2030. Del Mar now joins such cities as the San Diego, Aspen, CO, Burlington, VT, Kreensburg, KS and Kodiak Island, AK as well as the state of Hawaii in committing to achieve 100% clean energy.

Click here to read support letters from Climate Action Campaign, STAY COOL for Grandkids, the League of Women Voters of San Diego, SanDiego350, Borrego Solar, Sullivan Solar Power, Renovate America, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, and the Sierra Club.


Community Choice Energy

Del Mar is participating in the exploration of community choice with a group of north county cities. Learn more about their efforts here.

In December 2015, the Del Mar Council submitted an official letter to the California Public Utilities Commission to defend the freedom of community choice energy from SDG&E’s plan to limitlessly lobby against it.

Del Mar’s support for freedom of clean energy choice is backed by the overwhelming support of its residents. At a public meeting in the fall of 2015 attended by CAC, Del Mar residents showed their overwhelming support for 100% clean energy, community choice energy, and sustainable transit, walking and biking options (see photo below).

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