San Diego Quality of Life Coalition Opposes the SANDAG Tax Measure

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OPPOSES the SANDAG Tax Measure on the November 2016 Ballot


STOP Moving San Diego Backward!

Oppose SANDAG’s Tax Increase Ballot Measure!

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is proposing for the November 2016 ballot a measure to impose a 40-year half-cent sales tax increase to fund various transportation projects.

The San Diego Quality of Life Coalition is comprised of diverse organizations (including Sierra Club, Environmental Health Coalition, Climate Action Campaign, Mid-City CAN, Bike SD, Surfrider Foundation, League of Conservation Voters, Bicycle Coalition, labor unions, environmental justice groups, and others) that have tried unsuccessfully for more than a year to persuade SANDAG to put forth a progressive measure that meets the needs of our communities.

The Quality of Life Coalition has taken a position in opposition to the proposed SANDAG ballot measure and pledged to defeat it in November by activating their network of hundreds of thousands of residents of San Diego County.

The reasons the San Diego Quality of Life Coalition opposes the SANDAG ballot measure include:

  • It funds an outdated, poorly devised transportation system instead of moving us into the 21st century with a modem transit system;
  • It gives SANDAG a blank check with no accountability;
  • It will fund the widening of the I-5 and SR-94 freeways, thereby increasing pollution in disadvantaged communities, rather than putting those funds toward additional transit;
  • It does not contain any targets for reduction in vehicle trips;
  • It does not guarantee funding for Youth Opportunity transit passes;
  • It has no mechanism to link funding with projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet state targets, achieve the goals of the City of San Diego Climate Action Plan, and help stabilize the climate;
  • It does not fund vital storm water and water infrastructure projects;
  • It does not contain guarantees of a local workforce and enforceable job quality standards, which can only be found in a Project Labor Agreement; and
  • We should not be funding a flawed transportation plan using a regressive sales tax.

Various other community organizations and leaders have declared their opposition to the proposed SANDAG ballot measure, including: San Diego Council President Sherri Lightner; San Diego Councilmember David Alvarez; National City Councilmember Mona Rios; National City Councilmember Alejandra Sotelo-Solis; and the National City Chamber of Commerce.

VOTE NO on SANDAG’s Deceptive Tax-Increase Ballot Measure!

Download the Quality of Life Coalition’s SANDAG Tax Opposition Statement

Download the Quality of Life Coalition’s Vision and Goals flyer here.