ClimateWire: Calif. doctor makes climate-sick nature his full-time patient

August 9, 2016 – ClimateWire- Anne C. Mulkern, E&E reporter: DEL MAR, Calif. —”As a physician, I think about nature as a patient,” Bekkar said. “Nature is in the critical care unit.” With human patients, he said, there is a point where someone has “passed that invisible line and there’s no getting them back…you don’t let them get too close to that line. You may not get them back.” With nature, “We shouldn’t be taking that chance. That’s why I left my practice 2 ½ years ago. This is a global emergency.”

“He was a driver of change in Del Mar, for sure. That’s where he lives,” Nicole Capretz, executive director of the Climate Action Campaign, a nonprofit watchdog group, said of Bekkar.  On the issue of climate and public health, “he’s a trusted messenger, a person of authority,” Capretz said.

Full story here.

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