Carlsbad – Overview

The City of Carlsbad adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2015, which they are now working to implement. Carlsbad also completed a draft Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment, showing possible future flooding and erosion along its coastline and around lagoons. They are currently gathering public input.

What’s Happening Now | What’s Next

According to a newsletter from the City, some of the programs that will get started in the coming year include:

  • Exploring Community Choice Energy with Encinitas and other North County cities. The city’s updated General Plan calls for the city to support a regional approach to study the feasibility of establishing community choice aggregation or another program that increases the renewable energy supply and maintains the reliability and sustainability of the electrical grid.
  • Updates to city ordinances to ensure building and development activity incorporates measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • New electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city, starting with Stagecoach Community Park in the south and the Village in the north
  • Working with employers to offer programs that reduce the total number of cars on the road or at least shift the time when cars are on the road to reduce traffic

What has been done already

According to the City, here are some of the things they’ve already accomplished, since 2006, when they participated in a pilot study of its energy use:

  • Swapping out street lights and lights in city buildings with energy efficient bulbs
  • Updating city laws to promote greater energy efficiency
  • Installing solar panels at existing and future city facilities
  • Streamlining the solar permitting process
  • Replacing gas vehicles with hybrid and alternative fuel models
  • Enhancing bike lanes and installed bike racks
  • Investing in traffic signal technology to ease traffic and the associated emissions from stop and go traffic and idling
  • Installing automatic water meter readers to better monitor use and detect leaks
  • Planting drought resistant landscaping and installing artificial turf at city parks
  • Doubling the capacity of its recycled water plant and expanded the purple pipe distribution system

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