Oceanside – Overview

Oceanside is in the process of creating a Climate Action Plan as a new element (Energy/Climate Action Element or “E-CAP”) of its General Plan Update. The city has already completed a greenhouse gas inventory. As of early 2017, Oceanside is drafting its E-CAP, after conducting public outreach sessions in 2016, which included two public workshops, an online public survey posted on Onward Oceanside webpage, stakeholder interview sessions, and a business roundtable discussion local business owners, commercial and industrial property owners, and members of the real estate community. Oceanside now anticipates having a draft E-CAP ready for public review by April 2017.  Public workshops on the draft elements will likely occur in June 2017.  They are also beginning to outline the environmental review process and hope to conduct an EIR scoping meeting in early spring.

Oceanside also is also exploring Community Choice Energy (CCE) in coordination with other North County Cities. In fact, the City Council voted unanimously on September 21, 2016 to collect the data needed for a CCE feasibility study, one of the steps needed for exploring the viability and fit of such a program for Oceanside and North County.

Oceanside also has a single-use bag reduction ordinance, has installed 7,700 LED streetlights, and has a “Green Team” which encourages residents to complete sustainability projects.

Learn more about Oceanside’s General Plan Update process here

Learn more about Oceanside’s environmental services and programs.

Check back for more updates! You can count on Climate Action Campaign to watchdog this process.



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