Oceanside Climate Plan Public Workshops – Oct 2016

October 19 and 27, 2016 – Oceanside is in the process of creating a Climate Action Plan as a new element (Energy/Climate Action Element or “E-CAP”) of its General Plan Update. Climate Action Campaign attended Oceanside’s public workshop on October 19, 2016. Oceanside is gathering additional public input with this online survey. Fill it out today!

Oceanside also is also exploring Community Choice Energy (CCE) in coordination with other North County Cities. In fact, the City Council voted unanimously on September 21, 2016 to collect the data needed for a CCE feasibility study, one of the steps needed for exploring the viability and fit of such a program for Oceanside and North County. Here’s the poster displayed at Oceanside’s public meeting on October 19. To see the full presentation of posters, click here.


The final plan is expected to be released in early 2018.

More info on Oceanside’s General Plan Update process is here.

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