One Year Ago Today

12/15/16 - From Dr. Bruce Bekkar -
I have been a physician in the San Diego area for 25 years. I now dedicate my life full-time to stopping climate change because the health risks from this crisis fit the definition of a true medical emergency.

One year ago today, I was part of an overflow crowd watching the San Diego City Council vote unanimously to slash carbon emissions in half. An entire city was inspired by the unprecedented level of unity. It was a true—and all too rare—moment of broadly shared civic pride. I’m proud I was able to testify to the Council and to the press about why it was so important to pass the City’s historic Climate Action Plan. I love reliving San Diego’s history-making day when I watch this fun video!

Half a year ago, I testified in support of another 100% clean energy climate action plan, this time in my home town of Del Mar. Check me out (along with some other awesome residents and advocates) in this video of Del Mar’s historic day

I’m thrilled to have been a part of these watershed events for San Diego—and I can’t wait to support and then celebrate many more climate victories in 2017.

That’s why I’m an enthusiastic member of Climate Action Campaign, which is dedicated to stopping climate change and making sure 100% of our lives here in San Diego will be powered with 100% clean energy. 

This holiday season, I’m giving the gift of clean air, clean energy, a healthy future, and climate action to my loved ones. 

Please join me. We are all in this together!



Dr. Bruce Bekkar, MD