Cecilia Aguillon


Meet Cecilia. A CAC board member, solar energy enthusiast, world citizen, Ocean Beach resident, clean tech junkie, and international advocate for renewable energy.

Q. How are you involved with Climate Action Campaign?
I am a board member.

Q. Why do you support Climate Action Campaign? And what are the benefits?
I believe in CAC’s mission and goals to help San Diego become 100% renewable energy city/county, reduce car pollution and improve environmental justice in our communities.

Q. How else do you contribute to stopping climate change?
Promoting renewable energy policies and the use of solar energy through my 16-year career in the solar business.

Q. What, where, or who inspires you?
What inspires me the most is to see everyday people embracing renewable energy and the new technologies in energy and transportation that can help our local economies grow while reducing harmful emissions. We have everything we need to live in a sustainable economy and a healthy planet.

Q. Which of CAC’s five fights are you most excited about? (100% Clean Energy; Bikeable, Walkable, Transit-Rich Communities; Urban trees and climate resilience; Zero Waste; Social Equity)
100% Clean Energy, Transit-Rich Communities, climate resilience & Social Equity…in that order.

Q. If there was one thing you could change the way that San Diego County handles climate change, what would it be?
To lose the fear that doing the right thing harms the economy. San Diego should become the hub and leader of breakthrough technologies and practices that can give us economic growth and a cleaner environment. San Diego leaders should promote innovation in this area.

Q. What is the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve learned about climate change, clean energy, transportation, etc., by getting involved with CAC?
I was amazed at the first CAC fundraiser when I couldn’t even get in the door. Seeing the support for CAC and the excitement in my community motivated to get engaged.

Q. How have you already seen climate change affect the people and place you love? And what future impacts are you most concerned about?
Recent fires in San Diego and California coupled with devastating hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy have displaced people I know. Especially in San Diego, more than once have friends of mine had to vacate their homes due to fires.

Q. What is your vision for future generations in San Diego?
Net zero energy buildings throughout San Diego and improved public transportation (similar to L.A.).

Q. Where do you live? (City or Neighborhood)?
Ocean Beach.

Q. What do you do for a living?
Market Development Director for Kyocera International, Solar Energy Group (business development & government relations in the Americas).

Q. What are your passions/hobbies?
Traveling, running/Hiking, reading historical fiction novels & watching foreign films.