Well that’s disappointing

December 23, 2016 - CAC Blog - Alice Hu - What would you do if you no longer had a car in San Diego? Would you buy another one? Would you try to make it without one? That is the question that I and 40,000 other San Diegans are asking ourselves in the face of a Car2goless future.



Car2go was one of only two local carsharing services. Carsharing is an important option in reducing carbon emissions because it empowers San Diegans to use transit/walking/biking as their primary mode of transportation. For instance, I took the Hillcrest shuttle to UCSD to commute to work and I drove Car2go for trips beyond the shuttle stop.

With car2go leaving, I don’t know how I’m going to get around our city.

The good news is that you can change the way we get to work. By investing in the work that we do at CAC, you can be part of the push for better transportation alternatives. In 2016 we already:

Defeated the highway-focused Measure A in November

Secured new bike infrastructure in the City of San Diego

Now we’re working on new initiatives with many partners to build a viable urban transit system that works for everyone.

So donate today to make your voice be heard and reject the status quo.

Happy Car-Free Days to All,

Intern Alice | Climate Action Campaign

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PS. To learn more about Car2go’s departure, check out the UT’s article or my blog post. Sell your car and be cool like me - yes it’s possible to live like a boss without a car in San Diego! Stay tuned for my carless adventures on CAC’s Blog.

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