Our 2017 Manifesto: Go Big or Go Home.

December 28, 2017 - We don’t have time to slow down and smell the roses in 2017.  We are 100% in to build a 100% clean energy future. Here’s our audacious manifesto for how we will win:

  • 100% Clean Energy Climate Plans. Solana Beach, Encinitas, La Mesa, Oceanside, Chula Vista, and the County of SD are all on deck in 2017.  We won’t stop until each one has legally binding 100% clean energy targets.
  • Freedom of Energy Choice. It’s time to take back control of our energy destiny.  Game-changing votes on Community Choice Energy are coming at the County, Solana Beach, and City of San Diego in 2017. We will win them all. Learn about CCA here.
  • Housing, Housing and More Housing. Everyone has a right to safe, quality and affordable housing, while housing near jobs and transit is key to a livable climate. We are thus part of a nontraditional, groundbreaking coalition to build more housing near jobs and transit.  We will hold our leaders accountable to provide housing for all. (Featured in NYT recently!)
  • Affordable and Reliable Public Transportation. Access to affordable and reliable transportation is a civil right and essential to providing equal opportunities to succeed and prosper, as well as to help solve our climate crisis.  We will not rest until we have created a viable public transportation system that benefits everyone.  
  • Gold Standard or Nothing.  Less than half of our cities in San Diego County have current Climate Action Plans.  Only one achieved the Gold Standard. Of those that do have plans, we don’t know if cities are adequately implementing them -- or if they are taking sufficient action to protect us from rising seas, drought, fires or heat waves. Our 2017 Report Card will grade on implementation and adaptation. Brace yourselves.
  • Be Fruitful and Multiply.  We always said we want to take our City of San Diego Climate Plan and replicate it. We keep our promises. In 2017, we are expanding our efforts and headed to beautiful Orange County to develop 100% clean energy Climate Plans. Think they are ready for us?

If you agree 2017 must be a year of action, please join us. We won’t let you down.

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Success is based on persistence, not luck,

Nicole and the CAC Team