Encinitas – Climate Plan Status Update

Encinitas’s Draft CAP is currently undergoing CEQA review and is expected to be adopted at the end of 2017. The Draft CAP, which builds on a previous version adopted in 2011, sets targets to reduce emissions 13% below 2012 baseline levels by 2020, and 41% below 2012 baseline levels by 2030, in line with state goals. It is also a legally binding document, which keeps the city accountable to the promises made in the document. This document will serve to mitigate citywide greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts resulting from the city’s General Plan Housing Element Update (approved by Council on June 14, 2016 to go to the city’s voters on the November 2016 ballot).

The Draft CAP includes Community Choice as a strategy to increase the amount of renewable energy used community-wide, while also offering choice, local control, and reinvestment of revenues to serve local needs.

In June 2017, Encinitas agreed to enter into a cost-share agreement for a technical study not to exceed $100,000 exploring the possibility of establishing a Community Choice Energy program in North County. The cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar, and Encinitas have issued an RFP for technical studies and are currently in the process of reviewing proposals.

To enhance transparency, Encinitas has published an online Dashboard that summarizes key strategies to reduce GHG emissions and describes progress toward reduction targets.

Progress on climate solutions in recent years has included converting municipal lighting to LED, adding 5 miles of bike lanes, streamlining permitting for rooftop solar, reducing municipal water consumption by 20% since 2013, and waiving permit fees for EV charging stations. Encinitas also banned the use of styrofoam containers.

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