Encinitas & North County Cities Exploring CCE

February 15, 2017 – Climate Action Campaign attended a meeting of the City of Encinitas Community Choice Aggregation Subcommittee, who discussed next steps on jointly exploring Community Choice with other North County Cities, including Del Mar, Carlsbad, and Oceanside. Their full official meeting notes are here, with some key next steps copied below:


CCA Subcommittee members agreed CCA Technical Feasibility Study is the logical next step to pursue.

Carlsbad staff spoke and is willing to review and respond to a cost share proposal for a CCA Technical Feasibility Study if one were developed by the City of Encinitas.

Oceanside staff spoke and stated that CCA is a significant component of their Climate Action Plan. Oceanside has already passed a resolution expressing interest in exploring a CCA and wants to move forward with a CCA Technical Feasibility Study as soon as possible.

Encinitas staff and CCA Subcommittee will put together a CCA Technical Feasibility Study Proposal package for Oceanside, Del Mar and Carlsbad to review and consider. The package will include: Sample Agenda Report, proposed cost share, RFP scope of work summary, sample load data resolution, summary of the benefits of a CCA, explanation of why a feasibility study is necessary.

Schedule for CCA Technical Feasibility Study discussed. 4 weeks to prepare proposal package, CCA Subcommittee meeting in May, aim to go back to Encinitas City Council in June for approval to proceed with CCA Technical Feasibility Study. 4 months for RFP development to award. 6 months for development of CCA Technical Feasibility Study by selected consultant. Tasha will synthesize comments into a revised schedule. See proposed schedule, below.

Encinitas staff will provide regular updates to the CCA Subcommittee on status of progress, including updates on any intercity coordination. CCA Subcommittee members agreed that Environmental Commission should consider and make a recommendation on how to implement CCA education.

Next meeting in May 2017.