Mehry Mohseni

Meet Mehry. Family law attorney, women’s rights advocate, proud sister and auntie and all-around fierce female who loves the ocean.

Q. How are you involved with Climate Action Campaign?
I think I’m a member, but maybe not. If I’m not, please tell me to sign up. 🙂

Q. Why do you support Climate Action Campaign? And what are the benefits?
Benefits are knowing if/how/when my city is making and upholding commitments to improving our environment; new innovative ways of tackling climate change on a small scale that can be replicated to create bigger trends of change.

Q. How else do you contribute to stopping climate change?
I use cloth napkins and fewer paper towels, reusable containers as much as possible, reusable shopping bags, I pick up trash. Small stuff. I would definitely take public transit if it were more feasible for work. (I have to be able to get around to all four courthouses in the county rather quickly.)

Q. What, where, or who inspires you?
Nicole Capretz, of course! Women doing awesome things in general with confidence and a take-no-BS vibe. People who are unapologetically themselves, open-minded and creative.

Q. Which of CAC’s five fights are you most excited about? (100% Clean Energy; Bikeable, Walkable, Transit-Rich Communities; Urban trees and climate resilience; Zero Waste; Social Equity)
100% clean Energy, Bikeable, Walkable, Transit-Rich Communities and social equality.

Q. If there was one thing you could change the way that San Diego County handles climate change, what would it be?
Fewer freeway expansions and another transit line up the 15 (like the coaster) with connections for people to get to work/movies/shopping/etc. Bans on styrofoam use.

Q. What is the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve learned about climate change, clean energy, transportation, etc., by getting involved with CAC?
SDG&E’s impact on using clean energy in SD.

Q. How have you already seen climate change affect the people and place you love? And what future impacts are you most concerned about?
The oceans are gross, polluted and unsafe. (Cal coast – used to live in Long Beach) I’m most concerned about temperature and rising sea levels because I always want to live by a coast and enjoy nice weather because I’m spoiled. 🙂 I would hope for the same for future generations.

Q. What is your vision for future generations in San Diego?
Neighbors who understand the importance of environmental and social justice issues/inequities and care about solving them.

Q. Where do you live? (City or Neighborhood)
How long have you been there? Golden Hill for almost one year. Hillcrest for five years before that. Grew up in Encinitas/Cbad.

Q. What do you do for a living?
Family law attorney.

Q. What are your passions/hobbies?
I’m a sister and proud auntie. I am passionate about reproductive justice, getting badass women elected to office, fighting back against our new idiot president and his evil administration, equal pay and preventing violence against women. I volunteer for legal referral clinic for homeless at St. Vincent, which I enjoy. Involved in SDLA, and Lawyers Club of SD.