Chula Vista – Climate Plan Status

Chula Vista pioneered climate action for San Diego County, as the first to adopt a Climate Action Plan in 2000 to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions and improve its quality of life. Chula Vista has been implementing its plan and, over the last 5 years, has to worked to expand and update its program to lower emissions even more. Climate Action Campaign’s staff have been watchdogs over Chula Vista’s climate plan update process, which our Executive Director, Nicole Capretz, discussed with Voice of San Diego in late 2014.

As of April 20, 2017, Chula Vista staff plan to bring an updated Draft Climate Plan to the Sustainability Commission in June 2017 and to the City Council in July 2017.

Learn more at Chula Vista’s sustainability website, review Chula Vista’s draft greenhouse gas reduction strategies here, and read Climate Action Campaign’s comment letter on Chula Vista CAP Recommendations on 4-14-17.

Check back for more updates!

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