FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Collaborative Grant Awarded to Fight for Climate Justice & Shift Political Power in San Diego


Collaborative Grant Awarded to Fight for Climate Justice & Shift Political Power in San Diego

Advancing Healthy Neighborhoods Requires New Leadership

San Diego, CA (June 12, 2017) – Climate Action Campaign (CAC) is collaborating with Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA) and Mid-City Community Advocacy Network (Mid-City CAN) on a newly funded project, Advancing Healthy Neighborhoods, to build the agency and voices of refugee and immigrant families in San Diego.

Advancing Healthy Neighborhoods aims to lift up refugee and immigrant voices as equal participants in the civic, environmental and economic decisions in the City of El Cajon and San Diego’s City Heights neighborhood. Using a train-the-trainer model, Advancing Healthy Neighborhoods will provide training in leadership, community organizing, and advocacy. Trainings will prepare participants to advance policy that reflects their communities’ priorities and skillfully influence decisions that affect them.

“We know communities of color are on the front lines of the climate crisis. We also know that the list of inequities communities like El Cajon and City Heights are facing – lack of affordable housing, busy streets without safe pedestrian or bicycle infrastructure, lack of affordable and accessible public transportation, unconscionable environmental hazards – are all connected to a broken system. Fighting for a better future and training leaders to ensure they are equipped to advocate for healthy neighborhoods requires a powerful partnership — and we have that partnership with PANA and Mid-City CAN,” said Nicole Capretz, Executive Director of Climate Action Campaign.

The long-term goals of Advancing Healthy Neighborhoods are to shift the makeup of elected and appointed government bodies in El Cajon and San Diego to be more inclusive and reflect the larger community they serve by
building entire communities of effective advocates;
fostering a pipeline of new leaders among El Cajon and City Heights refugee and immigrant communities; and
creating and filling new environmental justice boards and positions of power

Social Equity Collaborative Fund (SECF) awarded $135,000 to support Advancing Healthy Neighborhoods through April 2019. SECF is hosted by San Diego Grantmakers and was created via a transformational three-year investment by the Satterberg Foundation, with additional contributions from the Blue Shield of California Foundation and The California Endowment.

“I have great hopes and expectations that this funding process will help to amplify authentic voices within these communities, and that together we will be able to correct some of the damage that has resulted from decades of discriminatory beliefs and practices,” said Steven Eldred, the committee Chair and Senior Program Officer at The California Endowment.


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