Encinitas: Draft Climate Action Plan Released

July 18, 2017—Encinitas released its Draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) in June, which updates and strengthens the Climate Action Plan previously adopted in 2011. The Draft CAP meets California greenhouse gas reduction goals for 2020 and 2030, mitigates citywide greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts, and is a legally binding document. 

Climate Action Campaign has worked with the City’s Environmental Commission, the City Council, and City staff to ensure the new CAP meets state climate goals, protects our region’s future, and is equitable. Encinitas plans to adopt a final, CEQA qualified version of the CAP in October of this year.

Climate Action Campaign submitted comments on the Encinitas Draft Climate Action Plan on July 18, 2017. Read the full comments here: CAC Encinitas Draft CAP Recommendations July 2017

See CAC’s past recommendations for Encinitas here:

Encinitas is leading a regional effort to explore jointly pursuing community choice, which has successfully brought on Del Mar and Carlsbad to conduct a joint CCE feasibility study later this year.

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