CAC Supports SB 100 (De León): Community Choice Is Key Strategy In Transition to 100% Clean Energy

September 1, 2017–Climate Action Campaign joined with our allies at a press conference this morning to support Senate Bill 100 (De León), which would ensure that California generates 100% of its electricity from renewable and carbon-free sources by 2045.

CAC with Bill Walton, retired basketball player and solar energy enthusiast

Supporters of the bill, including BlueGreen Alliance, California Interfaith Power & Light, Climate Action Campaign, Environment California, IBEW Local 569, SanDiego350, Sullivan Solar Power and Environmental Health Coalition, spoke to the economic, health, and environmental benefits of 100% clean energy.

Climate Action Campaign believes that the most innovative and effective solutions to the climate crisis are rooted in the community. Community Choice Energy is one such community-based initiative that will play a critical role in transitioning San Diego to 100% clean energy. This program can:

  • Clean the air by greening the grid
  • Lower electricity rates by introducing competition into the electricity marketplace
  • Offer families consumer choice rather than just a for-profit monopoly
  • Reinvest revenue back into the community, rather than shareholder pocketbooks
  • Generate local economic development and support green jobs

Legislation to move our whole state to 100% clean energy is a laudable, feasible, and necessary step. Let’s meet the 100% challenge with programs designed by and for our local communities that maximize the benefits of the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

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