Comments on City of San Diego Community Choice Energy Technical Study

September 7, 2017—The City of San Diego released its Community Choice Energy (CCE) Technical Study in July, which indicates Community Choice Energy is:

  • Feasible
  • Will stimulate the local economy
  • Will likely offer rates that are lower than SDG&E’s and with higher renewable content
  • Will generate sufficient funds to create local renewable resources using local labor
  • Will likely generate at least ~$55 million to reinvest back into the community (Study page 123)

Climate Action Campaign is excited that the City of San Diego is one step closer to breaking up the monopoly utility and allowing families to enjoy the freedom of choice. We have provided comments on the feasibility study to City of San Diego staff which may be downloaded below.

Community Choice Energy is the most beneficial and cost-effective way for the City of San Diego to reach its landmark 100 percent clean energy goal. It is a tried and true program widely adopted throughout California and a win for families, the economy, and the environment. For more information, visit

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