Response to: San Diego County Taxpayer Association’s CCE Study Critique

September 1, 2017—In July, the City of San Diego released an independent technical study to asses the feasibility of Community Choice Energy (CCE) in San Diego. The peer-verified study indicates CCE is feasible and will bring San Diego families cheaper and green energy.

The San Diego Taxpayer Association (SDCTA)  has offered a critique of the feasibility study, which Climate Action Campaign and San Diego 350 have responded to and may be download below.

Summary Response to SDCTA Critique

After the release of the study, SDCTA offered a critique. SDCTA has no known expertise or experience on staff for conducting such an analysis, and they have not offered an independent, expert analysis of the peer-reviewed study. It is assumed that SDG&E’s parent company, Sempra Energy, which is a Board member and financial contributor to SDCTA, supplied this critique to SDCTA.

In general, SDCTA’s analysis is disappointing because it intentionally distorts and misuses some of the study’s analyses to mislead the community about the benefits and opportunities of Community Choice Energy.
By way of summary, these are the general responses to SDCTA’s critique:

The SDCTA critique misuses the results from the High PCIA sensitivity analysis, treating the test of the PCIA’s sensitivity as i f i t reflects a potential reality when i t clearly does not (the study i ncreased the PCIA fees by 386%. By comparison, SDG&E’s predicted i ncrease i n PCIA fees over the next 20 years i s 15%)

The SDCTA critique neglects to note the positive effects a CCA program can provide. The Study’s conclusions, despite the noted risks mentioned in the report, are that a CCA program is feasible, will stimulate the local economy, that it will likely offer rates that are lower than SDG&E’s with a high renewable content, and it will generate sufficient funds to create local renewable resources using local labor (Study page 123).

For our full comments, download the six-page PDF: Response to SDCTA CCE Critique





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