FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CAC Response to Downtown Business Establishment Group

September 15, 2017

Nicole Capretz
Executive Director
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The Downtown Insiders Are At It Again
Usual Suspects Coalesce to Deny San Diego Families Choice & Enable Corporate Monopoly

SAN DIEGO, September 15, 2017— A group of familiar faces from the downtown establishment, including SDG&E’s parent company Sempra, recently formed a coalition to eliminate San Diegan’s freedom to choose our own electricity provider. This coalition of usual suspects seeks to take away the opportunity and the right for families and small businesses to break away from the monopoly and enjoy lower bills and more clean energy.

Every single organization in this downtown business coalition is heavily supported by SDG&E and its parent company, Sempra Energy, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to purchase the silence of business groups so they can maintain their monopoly on San Diego customers.

“The Taxpayers Association and the Chamber of Commerce obviously don’t represent my employees or my small business, who need all the help we can get to make ends meet and keep our businesses alive. Those organizations are the reason why we are stuck paying the highest rates in the state, while small businesses in all of the counties who have adopted Community Choice are enjoying lower bills with more clean energy,” said Mikey Knab, Director of Operations of Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant.

Community Choice Energy is a tried and true program operating successfully throughout California. There are currently eight operational CCE programs covering over 70 cities offering families competitive to mostly lower rates, more clean energy and exceeding state climate goals — with many more scheduled to launch in 2018 including LA County, Coachella Valley, Riverside, Alameda County and the city of San Jose.

The recent independent and peer-reviewed technical study published by the City concluded that the program is:

  • Feasible;
  • Will stimulate the local economy;
  • Will likely offer rates that are lower than SDG&E’s with a higher renewable content;
  • Will create local renewable energy using local labor; and
  • Will likely generate at least ~$55 million to reinvest back into the community.

Climate Action Campaign and friends have done extensive outreach and education to the community and they have spoken loud and clear: they want the Freedom to Choose their electricity provider.

We are proud to stand with a broad-based and diverse coalition of community groups, elected officials, environmental organizations, faith leaders and small businesses from all corners of San Diego in the face of the usual downtown political insiders. Our San Diego Community Choice Alliance, a group of San Diegans in support of Energy Freedom includes:

Community Groups for CCE

  • Rosemont Community Council
  • Encanto Planning Group
  • Carmel Valley Planning Group
  • Ocean Beach Planning Group
  • Pacific Beach Planning Board
  • La Jolla Planning Association
  • Del Mar Planning Group
  • Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation
  • Eastern Area Planning Group
  • San Ysidro Planning Board
  • University Community Planning Group
  • Greater Skyline Hills Community Association
  • Greater Skyline Hills Town Council
  • Otay Mesa Nestor Community Planning Group
  • Serra Mesa Planning Group
  • Normal Heights Planning Group
  • Mira Mesa Community Planning Group
  • Linda Vista Planning Group

Faith Leaders for CCE

  • Bishop George McKinney, St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ
  • Rev. J. Lee Hill, Christian Fellowship Congregational Church

Businesses for CCE

  • Business for Good San Diego (including 250 small businesses in San Diego)
  • Modern Times Beer
  • Impact Investors
  • Calpine Energy Solutions
  • Renovate America
  • Lumeo
  • Stellar Solar
  • Keyes & Fox LLP
  • ASI Hastings
  • Bay Wa Renewables
  • Sullivan Solar Power

Community and Environmental Organizations for CCE

  • San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action
  • San Diego Coastkeeper
  • ECO SD
  • Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • League of Women Voters
  • San Diego 350
  • Climate Action Campaign
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Raise Progress

We are committed to fighting to give San Diego families the Freedom to Chose their own electricity and reach our goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035.


Climate Action Campaign is the leading climate watchdog organization with a simple mission: stop climate change and protect our quality of life with 100% clean energy. For more information, please visit

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