For Immediate Release: Chula Vista Becomes 4th City in San Diego County to Adopt 100% Clean Energy Goal

September 27, 2017

Sophie Wolfram
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Chula Vista Becomes 4th City in San Diego County to Adopt 100% Clean Energy Goal
Heart of Binational Region Recommits to Ambitious Climate Leadership

CHULA VISTA, September 27, 2017 – Huge congratulations are in order for the City of Chula Vista, which has cemented its status as a climate leader in our region by adopting a Climate Action Plan with a commitment to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035. They join the cities of San Diego, Del Mar, and Solana Beach in committing to that goal, and set our region on a path to lead the nation.

We are also pleased that the Council committed to evaluation of Community Choice Energy to achieve the 100% clean energy goal and offer choice, local control and create local jobs with local renewable development, and to developing a gold-standard active transportation plan and updating their Climate Action Plan in 2020 to ensure they reach state climate targets for 2030.

“We’re thrilled that Chula Vista continues to step up to lead the regional effort to stop climate change and power our cities with 100% clean energy,” said Nicole Capretz, Executive Director of Climate Action Campaign. “The commitments in this CAP model success for our binational region, and we look forward to seeing the momentum continue to build in favor of energy freedom, active transportation, and other innovative climate solutions.”

Mayor Salas reminded the City Council and the public that over a decade ago, that city was among the first in the state to explore Community Choice Energy: “It was really an unknown at the time,” she said. Now, in contrast, “We’re no longer a city that’s standing on our own. We have other partners that we can work with right here in the County of San Diego. So it’s not an unknown venture that we’re going into.”

Nick Segura, IBEW Local 569 Business Manager, says, “I commend the Chula Vista City council for their commitment to 100% clean energy goals. We look forward to working with the Chula Vista Council to ensure our clean energy goals create local jobs by a skilled and trained workforce and spark economic growth.”

Bike Walk Chula Vista member Randy Van Vleck lauds the city’s commitment to active transportation: “We’re excited that the council voted to support a resolution that seeks to achieve a gold-standard Bike Friendly Community status and ensures that the city play a leading role in fighting climate change.”

We applaud the leadership of Mayor Mary Salas and Councilmember Steve Padilla, who confronted the “fierce urgency of now,” urging, “Getting moving on getting a real CAP that advances outcomes for our community is not something we have a lot of luxury and a lot of time to tinker around with, because the clock is ticking.” Thanks as well to Councilmembers Pat Aguilar and John McCann for voting to support this plan, which passed 4-1.


Climate Action Campaign is the region’s leading climate watchdog organization with a simple mission: stop climate change and protect our quality of life with 100% clean energy. For more information, please visit

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