February 20, 2019

2018 Climate Action Plan Report Card


What is the Report Card?

The Report Card is a tool to help cities and their leaders take bold action on climate by sharing best practices, comparing Climate Action Plans, acknowledging achievements, and identifying shortcomings. In the past, we've been pleased to see the Report Card used by cities, elected officials, and community members to improve action, and we hope you will use the 3rd Edition Report Card to champion bold climate action for your community. Below are the CAP scores for the region, our key findings, and recommendations for improving climate action going forward:

Key Findings

The Good:

The Region Is Making Genuine Efforts To Move On Climate.

  • Regional collaboration on Community Choice Energy is leading to a new energy paradigm of local control and a clear path to 100% clean energy.
  • Communities are talking about the important connections between transportation, affordable housing, jobs, social equity, and climate.
  • New elected officials are committed to bold action on climate.

The Bad:

Climate Is Still Not Top Priority For Cities.

  • We need real transportation choices that are affordable, safe, and efficient, and connect people to jobs and affordable homes.
  • We need meaningful participation and prioritization of communities-of-concern in planning and implementing climate solutions.
  • We need analysis of the climate change impacts of every city decision as a standard practice, so that meeting state and local climate targets becomes the shared responsibility of all city staff and decision-makers.

The Ugly:

The County CAP Jeopardizes Regional Progress.

  • The County of San Diego's fundamentally flawed CAP, based on sprawl and pay-to-pollute schemes, is threatening all progress in the region, and could set a dangerous precedent for the state.
  • As a region, we are not on a trajectory to meet our regional and state climate targets.

Individual City Efforts Are Not Enough -- We Need A San Diego Green New Deal

We need a bold regional vision that gets us to a fossil free future with zero carbon emissions.

While our current state and local climate laws are critical tools for fighting climate change, they are not enough to secure a safe and livable future. Climate science says we have to do more - we need to stop burning fossil fuels by 2045.

That is why we have announced an ambitious new initiative – A San Diego Green New Deal. Similar to the national Green New Deal Resolution, our initiative would model how to create catalytic change here in our own backyard through investments in infrastructure and industry to fight the climate crisis, center front-line communities, and build a just society with an economy works for all.

Click here to join us for a San Diego Green New Deal!