FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: La Mesa Becomes 6th City in County to Adopt 100% Clean Energy Goal


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La Mesa Becomes 6th City in County to Adopt 100% Clean Energy Goal
Goal is Binding; Now Nearly 2 Million San Diegans Will Enjoy
100% Clean Energy Future

LA MESA, March 13, 2018—La Mesa’s City Council voted unanimously last night to adopt a legally binding Climate Action plan that commits to 100% clean energy by 2035. With this vote, La Mesa joins the cities of San Diego, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Chula Vista, and Encinitas in committing to 100%, and brings the total number of residents in the region who will benefit from 100% clean energy to over 1.8 million. That means that over half the region’s families will be served by fully renewable power within the next two decades.

The City will pursue Community Choice Energy to achieve the 100% clean energy goal, which will offer choice and local control while creating local jobs with local renewable development. In the motion to adopt the CAP, the Council also committed to beginning a Feasibility Study for Community Choice in 2018. In addition, La Mesa will develop targets for the percent of commuters traveling by transit, walking, and biking.

“Adoption of La Mesa’s Climate Action Plan is the result of dogged advocates in our community, and the hard work by my colleagues on the City Council and City staff,” said La Mesa Councilmember Colin Parent. “We are fortunate to continue La Mesa’s tradition of recognizing and addressing climate change.”

“This vote shows that are our cities and our region are ready for 100% clean energy,” said Sophie Wolfram, Director of Programs with Climate Action Campaign. “Our communities want clean air, affordability, and freedom of choice when it comes to electricity, and La Mesa has clearly signaled its commitment to address those priorities with its legally binding commitment to 100% clean energy.”

La Mesa resident and SanDiego350 volunteer David Harris emphasized the need for swift implementation. “We have worked with the City for the past three years to come up with a strong climate action plan, one that provides a strong foundation for La Mesa to achieve its goal of 100% clean energy by 2035,” stated Harris. “We hope the City will begin implementing this plan immediately, so that we can begin to see serious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions within a few years.”

Climate Action Campaign commends the City of La Mesa for its commitment to a clean energy future and looks forward to continuing to partner with the city to support implementation.


Climate Action Campaign is the region’s leading climate watchdog organization with a simple mission: stop climate change and protect our quality of life with 100% clean energy. For more information, please visit

“The CAP is about improving quality of life for families in La Mesa. I look forward to getting started on implementation so that we can bring clean and affordable energy, safe streets, and an enhanced urban forest to our community.”

-Bill Baber, Councilmember

“Community Choice Energy is the only feasible option identified in the CAP for the City to achieve its renewable energy goals. We encourage the City of La Mesa to initiate a feasibility study as soon as possible, preferably in partnership with other cities in the region. Community choice is a proven method to increase renewables and create green jobs.”

-Angela Deegan, La Mesa Resident and SanDiego350 Volunteer