2019 RTP Suggested Talking Points

SANDAG is currently updating the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), and we need you to help ensure that the plan champions climate action rather than continuing the car-centric business as usual approach.

From 4/23 through 5/3, SANDAG is holding a series of seven workshops to solicit input from the public about the components that should shape the RTP. We need to show up in numbers and demand that the plan complies with AB 805 (the new state law that reforms SANDAG) by:

  • Supporting our Climate Action Plans
  • Increasing commuting by biking, walking, and transit region-wide
  • Reducing air pollution in low-income communities of color

Visit SDForward.com to find out when there will be a workshop near you, and speak up in support of a climate-friendly RTP!

Download a copy of our suggested talking points for the SANDAG workshops here: RTP Talking Points.