Congratulations and Thank You to our Spring 2018 Interns, Alli and Stephany

We are so excited to congratulate our Spring 2018 Interns, Alli and Stephany, on their college graduations! And thank you for your hard work, your eagerness to learn, ask questions, and take risks. We have been lucky to have you!

Learn more about Alli and Stephany, in their own words, below.


My relationship with the environment started at a really young age when my mother bought me a plastic tub and filled it up with dirt for me to play with. It was then, covered in mud and insects, that my love for the natural world sprouted. Later, when I started grade school, my parents began sending me to Mexico during breaks so that I could spend time with family and learn about their hometown. Little did I know that these trips spent barefoot chasing my grandmother’s chickens would influence the rest of my life.

It was at my grandmother’s house where I was first exposed to a sustainable lifestyle. She composts and turns off all her appliances before going to sleep. She also does not produce food waste as all leftovers and scraps are collected to feed her pets and livestock. At first it all seemed very odd to me; I didn’t understand why my grandmother did these things. But as I got older and learned about climate change I began to understand the importance of  her actions. Although, for her, it’s not about saving the planet but about using everything as efficiently as possible due to necessity.

Back home, in Los Angeles, I realized how wasteful we were at school, at work, and in my own home. I began recycling and composting at my parents disapproval; they thought it was just crazy hippie stuff. They didn’t understand these things are necessary in the city. Eventually I realized that, although individual action is very important, systematic change must happen in order to combat climate change. This led to my pursuit of a degree in Sustainability at San Diego State University and to my internship with Climate Action Campaign.


This spring, I completed my B.S. in Sustainability at  Arizona State University. I joined Climate Action Campaign as an opportunity to apply the principles I have learned in the classroom to real-life situations in San Diego. I am interested in further exploring the different strategies that can be used to design cities that are not only resilient in the face of climate change, but also impact the surrounding environment less. I believe that cities present a unique challenge in a rapidly urbanizing world as well as an opportunity to utilize the density of urban areas in order to increase efficiency. My interest in this field is driven by my passion for the environment. I strive to find ways in my own life and help others find ways in their lives to reduce their carbon footprints. When I am not in class or working, I love getting outdoors with my dog while finding new hiking trails and campsites in Southern California.