FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Let’s Vote, CPUC Releases Ruling on Exit Fee


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Let’s Vote: CPUC Releases Ruling on Exit Fee
Alliance Calls Upon Mayor Faulconer to Call For Vote Now

SAN DIEGO, August 1, 2018 —Today, Stephen Roscow, the Administrative Law Judge of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) handed down its draft decision on the exit fee that will be charged by monopoly utilities in California to customers that switch to Community Choice. 

The decision, according to Nicole Capretz of the San Diego Community Choice Alliance (SDCCA), couldn’t have gone much better for CCA programs, such as that proposed for the City of San Diego. “Concrete changes have been made and transparency will be increased in the exit fee process,” she said. “A few of the highlights include a cap on changes in the PCIA to provide greater stability for all customers; a measure to ensure that electricity market value forecasts are current; a proper valuation of renewables; and the ability of CCAs to negotiate prepayment of the exit fee with SDG&E. Now, there’s zero risk to the City moving forward with Community Choice.”

Members of SDCCA agree it’s a tremendous positive outcome for community choice aggregation programs. “The sooner the city council votes for local choice, the sooner families and businesses will finally be able to choose their electricity provider, retain revenue for the public good and grow our local economy,” said Benjamin Eichert of SDCCA.

This decision is the final piece of the puzzle that Mayor Faulconer needs to call a vote of the City Council of San Diego to create Community Choice. San Diego can’t afford to be left behind in the clean energy movement.

“We know the Mayor will do the right thing and call for a vote of the City Council at the soonest possible opportunity, now that all issues at the state level are successfully resolved,” said Capretz

With the highest rates in the state and some of the highest in the country, San Diego residents and small businesses cannot wait another day for energy options.

An independent analysis done by the City of San Diego shows that moving from a profit-driven to a not-for-profit business model will lower costs and accelerate local clean energy in our region.

The Alliance calls on the City Council and Mayor to bring this item up for a vote as soon as possible to ensure the benefits of choice, competition, cleaner energy and millions to reinvest back in our communities arrive without delay.

While city staff indicated that a decision on San Diego’s pathway to 100 percent renewable energy will be made during the fourth quarter of 2019, the Alliance says its #CountdownToChoice campaign serves as a reminder that real savings to real families and small businesses are on the line.



San Diego Community Choice Alliance is a congregation of business, faith, community, elected and labor leaders calling for the adoption of the only tried-and-true pathway to 100% clean energy, Community Choice. Choice will accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy by creating a not-for-profit public agency that offers families choice, drives innovation, builds the local economy, and keeps revenue in the community.