San Diego County needs a new climate action plan — one that’s less shady

December 28 – SDUT Editorial Board – The practice of allowing developers to meet the requirement that their projects not add to the greenhouse gases heating the climate by paying for “carbon offsets” — projects around the world that purportedly reduce such emissions — has always been shady. A 2015 Stockholm Environment Institute study of 60 carbon offset programs found 73 percent appeared dubious or fraudulent.

This is why San Diego Superior Court Judge Timothy Taylor’s ruling that San Diego County’s climate action plan violates a General Plan requirement by letting developers use carbon offsets from around the world to mitigate impacts of their projects isn’t just on firm legal ground. It amounts to a stand for honest environmental compliance.

Yes, this creates a headache for the county and threatens much-needed housing projects. But the awful wildfires and extreme weather of recent years show the urgent need to do something concrete to slow climate change. County, fix your climate plan.

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