March 8, 2020

2019 Climate Action Plan Report Card

What Is The Report Card?

The Climate Action Plan Report Card offers an assessment of the San Diego region’s climate planning and climate action to help the public and local governments discern patterns and trends across a vast and scattered set of information.

Through this report, we hope to spur cities to take action and protect our region’s future with Climate Action Plans (CAPs) that include ambitious emissions reductions targets and best practices gleaned from models in the region. We also hope to arm residents in the community with a tool that increases transparency and enables them to hold their local governments accountable to reducing the pollution that causes climate change.

How Did My City Score?

Why Bold Actions Matter Now

The latest reports from climate scientists are clear: In order to secure a safe and livable future, cities must rapidly mobilize to achieve Zero Carbon. But how do we get there? This report evaluates how well cities in the San Diego region are implementing tried and true strategies to reduce emissions, as well as recommends new steps to achieve a fossil free future. These steps include:

  • Commit to Zero Carbon Climate Action Plans

  • Make Zero Carbon the State Law

  • Create a Regional Climate Authority

  • Chart the Path to Zero Carbon

  • Electrify Everything

  • Build World-Class Transit

  • Reject Sprawl. Build Housing Near Jobs and Transit

  • El Cajon, Poway, Santee, and the County Need To Get Serious

Read the full report here