January 22, 2017

Social Equity

Climate change demands a revolution to democratize all forms of power—fossil fuels, solar, wind and most importantly, economic and political power.

CAC believes we need a world with 100% clean energy for all—where all communities have clean, healthy places to live, work, and play; all receive a fair share of the economic, environmental, health, and social benefits of a clean energy future; and where we decentralize power and put control back in the hands of local communities.

Low-income communities of color are on the front lines of the climate crisis, with fewer resources to protect against a hotter and drier future, while suffering the most from harmful pollution and environmental hazards.

CAC works to reduce pollution at the source and ensure frontline communities are first in line to benefit from a 100% clean energy economy, transit, walking and biking infrastructure, infill development, and good-paying, middle class jobs that lift up working families.

We train and empower grassroots organizations, student groups, frontline and refugee communities in San Diego and Orange Counties to join and win the fight for climate justice and cultivate the big ideas, relationships, expertise and momentum from which communities create effective, legally-binding climate policies that protect and manage natural resources, abate threats of climate change, and improve social equity. We also empower local decision makers with the information, support, and motivation they need to stand up to powerful interests and shift investments into an equitable economic and environmental future.

We build and work in broad and diverse coalitions of people, organizations, businesses and governments for common goals: to reclaim and democratize social and political power, to integrate environmental and human needs, create social equity and environmental justice, adopt clean technologies and modes of transportation, and cultivate a deep and enduring social commitment to environmental sustainability.

No one individual, leader or organization can change deeply entrenched economic, political, technological, and energy paradigms—but when communities are given a chance to pursue big ideas and become energized and committed to change, leaders follow and paradigms shift.

CAC is giving root to those big, lofty ideas and creating those transformed communities. We are stopping climate change, one community at a time.