November 6, 2015


To change everything, we need everyone.
We are proud to have the support of dozens of community and business leaders. Here’s what some of them are saying:

Councilmember Todd Gloria, City of San Diego

"I'm so proud of my favorite new organization, Climate Action Campaign. Founded by my friend Nicole Capretz, who helped author San Diego's Climate Action Plan while I was Mayor, this group has a simple mission: to stop climate change and protect our quality of life. I'm grateful for all the work they do to ensure we meet our goal for a 100% clean energy future.”

Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City of San Diego

“The Climate Action Campaign’s support of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan has been key to creating a sustainable city for the next generation. I look forward to our continued collaboration as we work on implementation of this historic plan.”

Mark Ruffalo, Oscar-Nominated Actor and Board Member of The Solutions Project

"Yes, San Diego, California is now the biggest city in the U.S. to go 100%! A huge congratulations to Climate Action Campaign and all the people on the ground who gave their 100% to make this 100% renewable energy victory possible."

Assembly Speaker Emeritus, Toni G. Atkins

“California is an acknowledged leader on the world stage in the fight to reduce the impacts of climate change, and as a San Diegan, I am proud of the further leadership shown by our city as we move toward reaching our state greenhouse gas reduction goals. Thank you to the Climate Action Campaign for their work in helping to adopt and now implement San Diego's Climate Action Plan, and the example that sets for other cities to take meaningful climate action in the future.”

Commissioner David Hochschild, California Energy Commission

"Climate Action Campaign is playing a pioneering leadership  role in helping California meet our ambitious state climate goals by focusing on adoption and implementation of greenhouse gas reduction measures at the local level.  The victories they are achieving at the local level are helping accelerate progress at the state and national level. We need climate policy victories at all levels of government protect our quality of life for future generations."


Dr. Bruce Bekkar, MD, CAC Member

“Climate change is a medical emergency, with health risks ranging from heart and lung problems worsened by fires, heat waves, and air pollution, to food and water shortages, injuries, stress, and deaths from severe weather. As a physician for over 25 years, I’ve learned prevention is the best, most cost-effective, and humane ‘medicine’. That’s why I’m a proud member of Climate Action Campaign, which is dedicated to stopping climate change and making sure 100% of our lives will be powered with 100% clean, renewable energy. I’m 100% in!”

Daniel Sullivan, CEO, Sullivan Solar Power, CAC Legend Member

“Thank you for all you do to better our community today and for next generations. We appreciate your efforts on the San Diego Climate Action Plan, which includes 100% renewable energy! We are excited you're fighting to give local folks an alternative option to our utility monopoly with community choice energy and value all of the other amazing work you do!”

Greg Bass, Director, Noble Americas Energy Solutions

“Many thanks for your ongoing work to make 100% clean energy a reality in San Diego. We are proud to be a member of Climate Action Campaign.”

ASI Hastings Heating Air and Solar, Warrior Member

“Sign ASI up for a warrior sponsorship. Looking forward to watching your organization move the needle; if anyone can, I know it's you!”

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