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Ayn is a passionate climate advocate focused on facilitating adoption of Zero Carbon Climate Action & Adaptation plans, growing city participation in Orange County’s first ever Community Choice Energy Program - the OC Power Authority, and advancing equity and justice in the region.  


Before embarking on her path as an environmental advocate and joining Climate Action Campaign, Ayn had a successful career in corporate communications and PR.  In 2015, she began her journey as an environmental advocate after she learned that three children in her Irvine neighborhood of 1,700 homes had been diagnosed with brain tumors.  

Using skills she developed in the corporate world, Ayn helped successfully advocate for the City of Irvine’s historic and much-loved organic landscaping policy, which  brought an end to Irvine’s use of fossil fuel-based pesticides that harm human health and the environment.  The policy was adopted in Feb. 2016 after three months of active campaigning. 


After that, Ayn created a guide and served as an advisor to others seeking to create similar organic landscaping policies in communities across the U.S.  In 2020, Irvine’s policy was recognized by California EPA’s Department of Pesticide Regulation for its achievement in reducing risk from pesticide use.

In 2018, she turned her focus to the climate crisis and helped build a coalition of support to create the Irvine-led Orange County Power Authority, which launched in December 2020.