June 5, 2017

San Diego Community Choice Alliance

San Diego Community Choice Alliance

Together, we can bring community choice energy to San Diego. Join in the action.

Community Choice Energy (CCE) is the most beneficial and cost-effective way for the City of San Diego to reach its landmark 100 percent clean energy goal. It is a tried and true program widely adopted throughout California and a win for families, the economy and the environment.

In July 2017, the city verified the benefits and opportunities of Community Choice Energy when they released the findings of their independent and peer-reviewed feasibility study. Here's what they found:

CCE gets us to 100% clean energy and beyond, and it can...

  1. Provide lower rates with a higher renewable energy content
  2. Generate revenue to reinvest back into the community
  3. Take the profit out of an essential public need
  4. Allow for local clean energy, local jobs and local economic growth

Read our full Press Release for additional details. 

We expect a vote on whether the City of San Diego should move forward with CCE in the City of San Diego in late 2017 or early 2018.

Climate Action Campaign and allies are now engaged in widespread education and outreach throughout San Diego on the benefits and opportunities of CCE, and we are building support from all sectors of the community. You can see our growing list of supporters here: Community Support and Smart Businesses


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