July 19, 2017

Advocacy Toolbox: City of San Diego CCE

San Diego Community Choice Alliance

Advocacy Toolbox

To win a 100% clean energy future, we need everyone. Ready to join the fight? Get started with an action today! The tools here provide direction on how to reach out to local policymakers, as well as your community and the media. 


Working With Policymakers


Media & Community Outreach

  • Ready to build community support? Become a CCE advocate by volunteering with us
  • Love memes as much as we do? Send us a brief quote in support of CCE and a head shot and we'll create a meme to share on the interwebs.

  • Want to rock CCE garb? Purchase a U.S.-made "Make The Switch to Community Choice Energy" t-shirt today. Climate Action Campaign receives 10% of proceeds.

  • Do you belong to a community group? Get your group to send a CCE support letter to the City of San Diego. Let Alicia know if you'd like us to come give an educational presentation on CCE. 
  • Ready to join the conversation? Use #EnergyFreedom on Twitter to see what your fellow San Diegans are saying about CCE.


Advocacy Resources

Scan or take picture of your CCE materials and send to Alicia at alicia@climateactioncampaign.org