Bertha Rodriguez graduated from San Diego State University with a Masters in Women’s Studies and an Advanced Certificate in LGBTQ+ Studies. In addition to her work at Climate Action Campaign, Bertha serves as a Youth Coordinator at Casa Familiar, where she provides programs and services for youth in San Ysidro including financial series, college applications, writing workshops, and theatre and art workshops. 

Growing up in Pomona, Bertha has experienced how people in her community faced a diverse set of challenges due to the structures that perpetuate classist and racist ideologies that keep poor people and people of color at a disadvantage. She has set her path in creating different ways in promoting social justice with her position as a Lecturer at San Diego State University and programmings at Casa Familiar. She has taught courses in Women’s Studies department focusing on topics such as intersectionality, transnational feminism, environmental racism, borderlands, and queer theory. At Casa Familiar, Bertha created a small garden club at the Youth Center in order to promote organic gardening and taught youth about environmental justice. Her passion is to help empower youth to create change within their lives, communities, and future generations.