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SDG&E is out of control.

San Diegans already pay the highest energy rates in the continental U.S.

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Now, SDG&E is lobbying to increase our bills even more. The City of San Diego can't reward their greed with another 20-year contract.

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Right now, SDG&E is negotiating their contract with the City of San Diego, the gas and electric Franchise Agreements.

It's time to put our community back in control.

Tell Your Councilmember To Put Our Communities First.

Do you live in one of these communities?


Please email District 5 Councilmember, Marni von Wilpert, and share some of these key points:

My name is ______, and I live in [your neighborhood in D5]. Thank you Councilmember von Wilpert for standing with the community and calling for a 5-year deal! District 5 stands with you.


We already pay the highest rates in the continental U.S. Please hold the line on a short-term contract for SDG&E with provisions for accountability and affordability. Don't let them lock our community into runaway rates for dirty energy and another bad real estate deal. Keep fighting for us! Thank you for your time.


The gas and electric Franchise Agreements will determine:


A) whether we finally have affordable, clean energy or get locked into 20 more years of runaway rates.

B) whether we build a clean energy future or are locked into dirty fossil fuels.

C) whether our government works in the public interest or for corporate interests.