June 28, 2016

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Climate Action Campaign is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Please note that when your online contribution has been successfully processed, you will see a confirmation notice on the webpage and you will receive an automatic receipt via email.

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Check/Mail: Make payable to Climate Action Campaign, 4452 Park Blvd. Suite 209, San Diego, CA 92116
ACH (Bank Wire/Transfer): Contact our Development Director at evlyn@climateactioncampaign.org


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  • Juggernaut: $25,000/year
  • Legend: $10,000/year
  • Champion: $5,000/year
  • Captain: $2,400 ($200/month)

 What benefits does CAC Partner Membership get?

Interested in sponsorship opportunities for specific events? Ask us about upcoming forums, our Annual NightCAP Awards Celebration, and more at info@climateactioncampaign.org

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  • The 100% Club: $100/month ($1,200/year)
  • Director’s Circle: $50/month ($600/year)
  • Dollar A Day Club: $31/month ($365/Year)
  • Member (Individuals): $10/month ($120/Year)
  • Member (Students, Nonprofit Professionals): $5/month ($60/year)

What benefits does CAC Individual Membership get?

 We encourage you to contribute what you can.


We will win these fights with you:

Go Big and Bold with our 2017 - 2018 Manifesto.  We're taking back control of our energy destiny, bringing 100% clean energy to every corner of our region, and making affordable, reliable public transportation and housing a reality. 

Change the world. At CAC, our only option is winning. We're breaking all records of success. We have the boldest climate action plan in nation; we are developing markets for climate friendly businesses to thrive; we are creating high-quality jobs; and we are saving life as we know it. Cool, right?

Be a part of History. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Help shape our future and make connections with an elite group of industry experts, elected officials, policy makers, businesses, and newsmakers at our members-only gatherings and forums.

Make Headlines. Media is a key part of a winning strategy. We don’t respond to news; we make news. We've been in over 250 news stories across the country, including the New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Fortune, San Diego Union Tribune, KPBS, NPR, and more. We want your climate solutions to be a part of the headlines, too.

Get Smart. We can only win if we know the hottest and freshest information on the issues and politics of climate action. We will make sure you are ahead of the curve on all fronts through events, forums and communications.

Get Loud. Leaders don’t lead, they follow. We empower our supporters to use their voices to make change and make sure our decision-makers do the right thing.

Go 100%. We are 100% dedicated to creating a better future and powering 100% of our lifestyle- our homes, phones and bikes- with 100% clean, renewable energy. Invest to help us make 100% clean energy reality.


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