June 25, 2015

Mission and Strategy

Climate Action Campaign has a simple mission: to stop climate change.

Climate change demands a revolution to democratize all forms of power—fossil fuels, solar, wind and most importantly, economic and political power. To stop climate change, we need experienced advocates and trained community members at the local, state, and national levels promoting relevant, achievable, and legally binding climate policies. 

Climate Action Campaign is unique in the San Diego and southern California region in that it is solely focused on stopping climate change through policy action. 100% of our time, energy, and finances are dedicated toward achieving this essential mission.

Our Approach
We are a small organization with big goals and the ingenuity, creativity, and courage to build change from the ground up, shift our culture, fight powerful institutions, and stop climate change. We believe change happens when communities come together to pursue big ideas. That’s why we have built bridges across silos and brought together Democrats and Republicans, disengaged citizens and climate warriors, and low-income people of color with people of privilege, civic leaders and policy makers at the local level to enact legally binding policies designed to stop climate change.

We are shifting Southern California’s reputation from a good place for a taco and a tan to a model of bold commitment to change where environmentalists, clean tech entrepreneurs, social justice advocates, and government officials turn for leadership and inspiration.

Our work has already resulted in the unanimous, bipartisan passage of the City of San Diego’s groundbreaking 2015 Climate Action Plan, which made San Diego the largest city in the United States with a legal commitment to reach 100% clean energy by 2035. We are also working with eleven other city, county, and regional government agencies located throughout San Diego County and Orange County to help them implement similar 100% clean energy climate plans and other leading climate policies. Our locally based actions toward stopping climate change will yield measurable improvements in our communities and will create the momentum necessary to pass similarly effective and enforceable policies at the state and national levels.

Our Policy Goals
Climate change research and California law tell us we must cut carbon emissions in half by 2035 to stop the worst impacts of climate change. Our five main policy focus areas—our five fights—address the main local drivers of and solutions to climate change—shifting how we power our lives and move around our cities while improving individual and community quality of life, creating good-paying green jobs, and promoting social equity for our most impacted communities.

Our Five Fights are:

Climate Action Campaign’s aim is to make climate action the number one goal of local policy makers while also providing them with the tools and expertise they need to enact these meaningful and enforceable climate-focused policies.

Our Strategy for Success
Climate Action Campaign employs five key strategies designed to meet our policy goals and satisfy our mission:

Advocate for effective policy to protect our quality of life.
Educate the public, our members, grassroots organizations, frontline and refugee communities, and policymakers through trainings, presentations, and forums.
Mobilize the community dedicated to achieving our policy goals, amplify the voices of the silenced, and empower disengaged communities to meaningfully participate in issues that affect their lives.
Organize and Build Coalitions across a spectrum of interests, organizations, businesses, and beliefs to advocate for shared policy goals.
Provide technical assistance for local communities, governments, and decision makers in developing, adopting, promoting, and implementing leading and innovative climate policies.

Our staff have a combined 30 years of experience advocating for meaningful policy change at the local, state, and federal levels in California, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C. and beyond. Our experience and expertise in climate change, policy advocacy, and community organizing uniquely position Climate Action Campaign as the most-capable organization for effecting enforceable climate action in the San Diego region.

Replicating Success
As we go forward, we are building on our early successes at the local level to achieve 100% clean energy throughout San Diego County and beyond. We want every city in California to adopt the same 100% clean energy targets so that California continues to be a world leader demonstrating what is possible for our future. We will continue to be a resource for advocates, decision makers, and legislators who want to enact similar climate protection policies, and we will showcase our victories as a model for successful climate action in other cities and regions.

Our aim is to make climate action a number one priority for policymakers everywhere until we achieve our mission: to stop climate change.

Learn more about our near-term goals in our 2017 Manifesto.

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