March 10, 2016

NightCAP & Climate Action Awards – May 5, 2016


THANK YOU to the 36 elected officials on our Honorary Host committee, the 30 businesses who sponsored our party, the 12 individuals on our Hosts Committee, and the 180 climate warriors in attendance who helped us paint the town green, celebrate our 100% victories , and made the success of this celebration possible!

Together, we will power 100% of our lifestyle with 100% clean energy!

Check out the fun we had below!


Special thanks to Broadus Photography for the great photos!

Climate Action Awards Videos - Relive 2015 Victories & Celebrate Our Awardees





  • Sullivan Solar Power, 2016 Captain of Conservation: For regional and statewide leadership in the quest to protect and grow rooftop solar-- which is key to achieving 100% clean energy-- and for creating sustainable, local, middle-class jobs.
  • City of San Diego, 2016 Agent of Change: For setting the national bar with its groundbreaking 2015 Climate Action Plan, which made San Diego the largest city in the United States with a legally binding commitment to reach 100% clean energy, cut our carbon footprint in half, and create significant shifts of commuters who will walk, bike, and take public transit instead of gas-powered cars.
  • Laura Schumacher, 2016 Unsung Hero: For leading the San Diego Unified Council of PTAs to make climate change a children's issues and successfully advocating for the San Diego Unified School District to commit to 100% clean energy, climate change education, and adopting a climate action plan.

ABOUT The Climate Action Awards:

Our Climate Action Awards recognize the individuals, institutions, and businesses who are 100% committed to a 100% clean energy future. The categories are:

  • Captain of Conservation: For businesses or individuals in the private sector working toward 100% clean energy.
  • Agent of Change: For public institutions moving toward 100% clean energy.
  • Unsung Hero: For individuals fighting behind the scenes and out of the spotlight for 100% clean energy.

Honorary Hosts

Hon. Susan A. Davis
Hon. Scott Peters
Hon. Juan Vargas

Hon. Toni Atkins
Hon. Marty Block
Hon. Lorena Gonzalez
Hon. Shirley Weber

Hon. David Alvarez
Hon. Pamela Bensoussan
Hon. Catherine Blakespear
Hon. Cody Campbell
Hon. Myrtle Cole
Hon. Serge Dedina
Hon. Todd Gloria
Hon. Lesa Heebner
Hon. Tony Kranz
Hon. Sherri Lightner

Hon. Chuck Lowery
Hon. Jennifer Mendoza
Hon. Don Mosier
Hon. Dave Roberts
Hon. Mary Salas
Hon. Esther Sanchez
Hon. Lisa Shaffer
Hon. Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
Hon. Jim Wood
Hon. Dwight Worden
Hon. Peter Zahn

Hon. Kevin Beiser
Hon. Stacy Carlson
Hon. Michael McQuary
Hon. Kathy Rallings

Hon. Donna Frye
Hon. Christine Kehoe
Hon. Pam Slater-Price


Cecilia Aguillon
Dr. Bruce Bekkar
Barbara Bry
Gil Cabrera 

Carol Kim
Patti Larchet
Dr. Lester Machado

Bob Nelson
Peder Norby
Lucas O'Connor

Jen Stone
Sarah Thorwirth
Sid Voorakkara

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