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How Encinitas Can Chart The Course To Zero Carbon

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

In May, the CAC crew joined partners in writing a letter outlining our recommendations for Encinitas’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) Update this year. Last week, we met with Encinitas elected officials to share why these five recommendations are essential to stopping the climate crisis:

  1. Chart the course to a Zero Carbon future.

  2. Electrify everything, including buildings. 

  3. Encourage telecommuting through specific strategies. 

  4. Help residents opt out of driving and into biking, walking, and transit. 

  5. Build and prioritize affordable housing near transit. 

During our meeting with Encinitas officials, we learned that this year’s CAP Update will be small. Despite this, we made one thing crystal clear: setting a roadmap today for carbon neutrality is essential to halting the most devastating impacts of climate change. 

Across our region, we’re fighting to ensure that Climate Action Plans are not just aspirational documents, but real maps to zero carbon, in accordance with climate science. Want to learn more about the need for zero carbon? Check out the landmark UN IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5℃.

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