August 8, 2015

Reports & Letters from CAC

Climate Action Plan Report Card 2017

Climate Action Campaign released its 2nd Annual Climate Action Plan Report Card in February 2018. The Report Card offers an assessment of the region’s climate planning and implementation to help identify and encourage best practices and hold local governments accountable to meeting their promises. Encinitas became the second city in the region to adopt a Gold-Standard CAP, and San Diego and Carlsbad both earned Bronze for their implementation. No city met the gold standard for implementation in 2017. Key findings highlight the region's progress toward 100% clean energy and the need to more seriously address transportation emissions and equity. Download the full 2017 Report Card here.

Climate Action Plan Report Card 2016

Climate Action Campaign's inaugural edition of the annual Climate Plan Report Card grades the Climate Action Plan, or lack thereof, of all 19 San Diego municipalities in the region.  Only the City of San Diego—which received national accolades when it adopted a binding 100% clean energy Climate Plan in 2015—earned the coveted Gold-Standard designation.  Zero cities earned a Silver grade, while Del Mar, San Marcos and Carlsbad all took home the Bronze designation for their Climate Action Plans. Download the full 2016 Report Card here.

Climate Action Plans - Comment Letters

CAC Letter to City of Santee with Recommendations and Concerns re: Final Sustainable Santee Plan (08-26-2019)

Coast Law Group Letter on Behalf of CAC on El Cajon CAP and DEIR (07-09-2019)

CAC Letter with Recommendations for Irvine CAP (07-05-2019)

CAC, PANA, and SD350 Joint Comment Letter on El Cajon CAP and DEIR (05-30-2019)

CAC Comment Letter on Imperial Beach Draft CAP (06-06-2019)

CAC Letter to Oceanside Recommending Amendments to Final CAP (05-08-2019)

CAC Letter to Santee Outlining CAP Recommendations and Legal Requirements (04-29-2019)

CAC, PANA, and SanDiego350 Scoping Comments for the El Cajon CAP DEIR (04-01-2019)

CAC and Surfrider Joint Comment Letter on Oceanside Draft CAP and DEIR (03-18-2019)

CAC Letter to New Escondido Council with CAP Strategy Recommendations (01-15-2019)

CAC and PANA Joint Letter with Recommendations for El Cajon CAP Letter (11-19-2018)

CAC Letter to Santee Clarifying Legal Obligations and Offering CAP Strategy Recommendations (09-26-18)

CAC Letter to Escondido with CAP Strategy Recommendations (06-04-18)

CAC Letter to Oceanside Clarifying Legal Obligations and Offering CAP Strategy Recommendations (5-8-18)

CAC Letter to County Planning Commission Commenting on Final CAP and SEIR (1-16-18)

CAC Letter to Chula Vista Sustainability Commission Supporting Implementation of CAP Energy Measures (02-12-18)

CAC Letter to La Mesa with Recommendations to Strengthen the Draft CAP (1-12-18)

CAC and Allies' CAP Recommendation Letter to Chula Vista Mayor (9-25-17)

CAC and Business For Good San Diego's Letter on the County of San Diego Draft CAP (9-25-17)

CAC letter with Encinitas Draft CAP Recommendations (7-18-17)

CAC Letter with Chula Vista CAP Recommendations (4-14-17)

CAC Letter to County of San Diego on CAP CEQA Notice of Preparation of Environmental Impact Report (11-18-16)

CAC Letter to Lemon Grove with CAP Recommendations (8-5-16)

CAC Letter Supporting Encinitas Housing Element Update and Funding for Enforceable CAP(06-14-16)

CAC Letter Supporting Del Mar's CAP (6-2-16)

CAC Letter to Oceanside on CAP (5-17-16)

CAC Comments on Encinitas General Plan Housing Element Update and CAP (3-14-16)

CAC Letter to Santee on CAP (Oct 2015)

CAC Letter to La Mesa Clarifying CAP Legal Requirements (6-17-16)

CAC Letter to La Mesa on CAP (June 2015)

Orange County - Climate Plan Comment Letters

Community Choice Energy - Comment Letters

San Diego Community Choice Alliance letter to the California Public Utilities Commission (12-28-17) urging that they withdraw draft resolution E-4907, which would place unreasonable new requirements on the launch of new programs and threaten our right to secure local control, reduced rates, and the opportunity to generate millions in revenue to reinvest back into our communities.

Climate Action Campaign letter to the County Board of Supervisors (2-10-17) supporting moving forward with a Community Choice Energy Feasibility Study as part of the County's Renewable Energy Plan, and to help implement the forthcoming Climate Action Plan. 

Climate Action Campaign and Sierra Club Comments (7-5-16) on the California Public Utilities Commission Draft Decision to Approve SDG&E's Plan for Unlimited Lobbying and Marketing Against Community Choice Energy

Climate Action Campaign and Sierra Club Letter (12-10-15)  to the California Public Utilities Commission Protesting SDG&E's Plan for Unlimited Lobbying and Marketing Against Community Choice Energy

State Policies & Legislation - Comment Letters

CARB Proposed SB 375 Targets - July 28, 2017 - CAC and partners submitted a letter to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) urging the agency to adopt aggressive GHG reduction targets for SANDAG greater than the 18% reduction targets SANDAG recommended. We called for targets as high as 25% but not less than 21%, to help facilitate the development of a 21st century transit system in our region. Read our joint letter here.

CARB 2030 Scoping Plan - April 10, 2017 - Climate Action Campaign submitted comments urging more stringent requirements for local governments to reduce GHG emissions with targets tailored for each locality. Read CAC's 4/10/17 Comment Letter on CARB's Scoping Plan.

AB 805 - SANDAG Accountability and San Diego-Area Transportation Reform - April 7, 2017 - CAC Support Letter. Read CAC's Support Letter for AB805 (April 7, 2017) 

CARB 2030 Scoping Plan  - January 27, 2017 - CAC and the San Diego Quality of Life Coalition submitted recommendations to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Draft SB 32 Scoping Plan - the state's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. See our group letter here: Quality of Life Coalition Letter re CARB 2030 Targets 01-27-17

CARB 2030 Scoping Plan -December 16, 2016 - CAC, ClimatePlan, and allies submitted comments on the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Draft SB 32 Scoping Plan - the state's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. Among other strategies, we advocated for a requirement for certain cities to have comprehensive Climate Action Plans. See our group letter here: CARB Final Comment Letter discussion draft 2030 scoping plan 12-16-16

SB 32 (Pavley) - Global Warming Solutions Act- July 27, 2016 - CAC urged the Assembly Appropriations Committee to support SB 32 (Pavley), which will preserve and expand California’s leadership in combatting climate change by providing a much needed follow up to the landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32). By setting a new statewide target to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, approval of SB 32 provides the necessary next step to stabilize our climate, foster a clean energy economy, improve air quality and protect the health and quality of life of all Californians for generations to come. Read CAC's Support Letter for SB 32 (7-27-16) here.

California Public Utilities Commission - Comment Letters

Support for Proposed Decision Denying Southern California Gas and San Diego Gas and Electric's Application for a Proposed Pipeline - June 15, 2018 - CAC and partners submitted a joint letter expressing our support for Administrative Law Judge Kersten's Proposed Decision denying Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) and San Diego Gas and Electric Company's (SDG&E) application for the proposed new gas pipeline Line 3602. As of Spring 2018, six cities making up 50% of San Diego County's population have committed to getting 100% of their electricity from clean energy sources by 2035, and this proposed pipeline shows it is out of touch and incosistent with the values of the local region. Read our joint letter here.

Written Public Comments (A.17-10-007/008), Opposition to Otay Mesa Energy Purchase by SDG&E - July 20, 2018 - On behalf of the San Diego Community Choice Alliance, CAC and partners submitted written comments to the CPUC on SDG&E's Generate Rate Case (GRC) application to increase their revenues in 2019. Specifically, SDG&E proposes as part of their GRC application, to purchase the Otay Mesa Energy Center and impute the $280 million cost of this plant purchase onto ratepayers. This could result in higher Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) charges, which could increase costs on departing load and hamper the development of CCAs in SDG&E's service territory. Read our joint letter here.

Budget Letters

City of San Diego FY20 Budget - CAC letter to City Council with recommendations to invest in equity, transportation, and urban forestry, while continuing to prioritize progress on Community Choice Energy. Submitted 01/14/18. Download the letter here: FY 20 CAC Budget Priorities.

City of San Diego FY19 Budget - Transportation, environmental justice, and climate advocates jointly submitted a letter urging Mayor Faulconer to prioritize mobility in the FY19 Budget, to appoint a Director of Mobility in the Mayor's Office and create a Mobility Department, and to insist on a Regional Transportation Plan that is consistent with the City's CAP targets. Submitted 3/29/18. Download the letter here: 03-29-18 Joint Letter Prioritize Mobility

City of San Diego FY19 Budget - The Community Budget Alliance, which advocates for a fair and equitable budget in the City of San Diego, sent this letter outlining our priorities to the Mayor and Council. Submitted 1/5/18. Download the letter here: Community Budget Alliance Budget Priorities Memo

City of San Diego FY19 Budget - CAC letter to San Diego City Council with recommendations to fund implementation of key elements of the City's Climate Action Plan, including social equity staff, a Transportation Master Plan and mobility monitoring, a local buildout study for Community Choice Energy, and urban forestry staff. Submitted 1/12/18. Download the letter here: CAC Recommendations FY 2019 Budget

City of San Diego FY18 Budget - CAC, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, BikeSD, Circulate San Diego group letter to the San Diego City Council with recommendations to fund implementation of the City's Climate Action Plan, Downtown Mobility Plan, and Vision Zero in the City's FY17-18 Budget. Submitted 1/13/17. Download the letter here: FY2018 Budget Request_Climate Action Plan_VisionZero

REPORT - A New Climate for Transportation - 2015 Co-Authored by Climate Action Campaign and Circulate San Diego

This report reveals this disparity between the goals of  the City of San Diego's Climate Action Plan and the long-term transportation funding plan of SANDAG, our regional transportation agency. San Diego’s CAP aims to empower 50% of residents in urban areas near transit stops to commute by transit, walking, and bicycling by 2035. By contrast, SANDAG’s Regional Plan puts the City on a path to achieve only 15% of commutes on alternative transit in the same area.  Or, put another way, the City’s goals are over three-times greater than SANDAG’s. Our report calls on the region to work together to close the gap. Download the report here.

Community Plan Updates - Comment Letters

Northpark, Uptown, Golden Hill, and San Ysidro Community Plan Updates:

San Diego CAP Draft Consistency Criteria for Community Plan Updates:

  • Climate Action Campaign, Sustainability Matters, the Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation, StayCool4 for Grandkids, Dr. Bruce Bekkar, Joe LaCava, Jay Powell, and Gabriele Schubert jointly submitted this Group Letter to the Community Planners Committee (May 2016), asking for quantitative metrics and GHG models.

San Ysidro Community Plan Update

Midway and Old Town Community Plan Updates

Zero Waste - Comment Letters

County of San Diego - Strategic Plan to Reduce Waste

San Diego Bag Ordinance - Group Support Letter (May 2016)

Oceanside - CAC Landfill and Waste Letters

Puente Power Plant Letter to Governor Brown - March 16, 2016

March 16, 2016 - Twenty One organizations wrote Governor Brown express our strong support for the California Public Utility Commission’s proposed decision to suspend review of the proposed contract for the Puente gas plant and to request the Commission require Southern California Edison (“SCE”) to identify clean energy solutions to meet local capacity needs. Read the full letter here.