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Lexi is a passionate Environmental Justice advocate and eco-communicator focused on creating a just and sustainable future for both people and the planet. She has roots in the Inland empire where she has experienced and witnessed environmental injustices, and in Orange where she has lived and conducted research on different EJ issues facing community members.

Lexi graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy, and a Bachelor of the Arts in Sociology. She has organized at her university to integrate Environmental Justice into the Environmental Science program through creating a student coalition to create curriculum and advocate for an EJ class to be offered to students. Before coming to Climate Action Campaign Lexi worked as a researcher and storyteller at Intersectional Environmentalists where she helped create accessible resources for climate activists to learn, connect, and organize in their own communities. At Climate Action Campaign Lexi works to ensure a just and sustainable future for all by advocating for and organizing with Environmental Justice communities throughout OC.

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