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We’re fighting for a San Diego where every neighborhood benefits from abundant shade trees that clean our air, cool our streets, and beautify our neighborhoods.


Why Shade Trees?

>  Shade trees absorb and sequester CO2, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. Trees are also nature’s air conditioning, helping to cool down neighborhoods. 


>  Communities of concern have fewer shade trees to protect them from a rapidly warming climate. We need equitable shade-tree planting systems in historically underserved communities, who are most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

>  Shade trees filter and clean our air and water, and make our communities more beautiful. They also reduce noise pollution, making our neighborhoods more quiet and serene.

Trees are nature’s

air conditioning

Our Campaigns

Tree Canopy

The City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan commits to covering 35% of the city in trees. We are committed to replicating this goal across the region, prioritizing tree planting in underserved communities.

El Cajon Blvd Climate Corridor

CAC is partnering with BQuest Foundation and the Boulevard Business Improvement Association to secure the planting of over 50 shade trees along the Mid-City stretch of El Cajon Boulevard—a historically underinvested main street in San Diego.


Thank you for investing in our fight for shade trees

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Left Coast Fund


Christopher H. Kohlhardt Charitable Fund