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published 2023

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What Is the Climate Action Plan Report Card?

The Climate Action Plan Report Card assesses the Orange County region’s climate planning and climate action to guide the public and local governments to:

  • Take transformative climate action; 

  • Share best practices; 

  • Uncover patterns and trends across a vast and scattered set of information; and 

  • Increase transparency and accountability.

Through this report, we hope to spur cities to take action and protect our region’s future with Climate Action Plans (CAPs) that include ambitious emissions reductions targets and best practices gleaned from models in the region.


We also arm residents in the community with a tool that increases transparency and enables them to hold their local governments accountable to reducing the pollution that causes climate change. Cities are a key component of climate action and this Report Card is an essential tool that will guide the direction and speed of local policies.


We must accelerate efforts to achieve Zero Carbon as a region. To align with the latest UN IPCC Reports, our region must rapidly commit and develop policies to reach Zero Carbon by 2045 or sooner to protect our communities from the harmful effects of climate change.


How do we do that?

  1. Act Now for The Health and Well-Being of The Community

  2. Create Enforceable, Comprehensive, and Legally-Binding CAPs

  3. Get Serious About Implementation Planning

  4. Prepare Now so OC Doesn’t Get Left Behind for Funding

  5. Add Adequate Climate Staff and Budget

  6. Prioritize and Follow Through on Annual Monitoring

  7. Electrify Everything

  8. Uplift Communities of Concern and Create More Good Green Jobs

Read our report to learn more.

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