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We demand a world-class transit system in San Diego—where public transportation is good for our health, our planet, and creates economic opportunities for all.

Why World-Class Transit?

>  Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our region. Our current car-centric system prevents our ability to create a climate-safe future. We must invest in a connected network of buses, trolleys, and commuter rail so people have more sustainable and efficient transit choices. 

>  Transportation is inextricably linked with economic, racial, and environmental justice. Low-income communities and communities of color have been intentionally and disproportionately forced to suffer from pollution and economic disinvestment. Only a fast, frequent and affordable transportation system that allows for economic mobility and transportation choices can reverse these injustices.

Transportation Justice

We’re demanding an equitable transportation system that works for all San Diegans

Our Campaigns

Building A Climate-Safe Regional Transportation System

We linked arms with partners to push SANDAG’s 2021 Regional Transportation Plan across the finish line. This plan is the best that San Diego’s ever seen with better access to job centers, safer streets, new and improved rail and buses, more protected bike lanes, and free transit by 2030.

We’ve been at the table, engaging and shaping this vision for years. In 2021, we’ll be taking the fight for world-class transit to the ballot box—joining with partners again to win a ballot measure that will put this plan into place, Let’s Go! San Diego.

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Transportation Justice

We’re collaborating with our partner organizations to stop the construction of more roads and highways that pollute our air and harm our health.  We must build a bus, trolley and rail system that meets the needs of our most frequent transit riders, such as Youth Opportunity Passes (no-cost transit passes for youth) and electric buses.

Reducing Car Dependence

We have successfully passed numerous Climate Action Plans that commit to reducing the number of miles driven, installing active transportation solutions, and building affordable housing near jobs and transit.



Thank you for investing in our fight for world-class transit.

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Left Coast Fund


Christopher H. Kohlhardt Charitable Fund

County of San Diego Small Business Stimulus

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