Climate Action Plans—plans to help cities fight the climate crisis—are at the core of our work. Throughout San Diego and Orange County, we advocate for Gold-Standard Climate Action Plans that incorporate our Five Fights and plan for a Zero Carbon future.

What is a

Climate Action Plan?

Climate Action Plans (CAPs) are planning documents that help local governments do their part to fight the climate crisis. In a CAP, cities:


     > Identify their current emission levels and sources

     > Propose emission reduction goals

     > Craft strategies to reduce those emissions 


 Photo cred: Edgar Ontiveros Medina 

Climate Action Campaign advocates for

gold-standard CAPs in all 18 cities

and the County.

We publish our annual Climate Action Plan Report Card to urge cities to adopt strong Climate Action Plans that address the climate crisis in impactful ways. The Report Card grades each city—and the County—on how successfully they’re fighting the climate crisis. Cities that adopt and implement best practices are recognized as “gold-standard” Climate Action Plans.

Want to see how your city stacks up?